Footballgolf or Footgolf/Soccergolf is played like a miniature golf game on the lawn and combines the elements of two sports. The aim is to pocket the ball into a given target with as few shots as possible. Each team plays its way through a varied course and enters the required shots on a scorecard. Different levels of difficulty constantly present the players with new challenges.     

The soccer golf module can be played both outdoors and indoors in a large hall. Even unexperienced people can easily play along.

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  • Conception and organisation of your company event
  • Provision of all materials for the module
  • On-site support by our guides
  • Award ceremony and TEAMFABRIK events. certificates
  • Photo documentation of your company event
  • Integration of your corporate design in all printed materials
  • Location scouting
  • Optional: Evaluation of the team event by a professional trainer
  • Optional: Prices for your award ceremony
  • Optional: Video documentation of your team event

Additional information:

  • This event is also available in English, French and Spanish on request
  • We are happy to plan a bad weather variant for your team event

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