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The extraordinary experience is what TEAMFABRIK events. in the center of attention. This applies to the implementation of exciting events and incentives, as well as to areas of workplace health promotion, which we have been dedicating ourselves to for some time now.

Studies have shown that workplace health promotion has a concrete economic benefit for companies. In addition, health promotion measures in companies are supported by the health insurance funds. The fields of action we cover with various training courses include stress, exercise and nutrition are also financially supported. This very effective method combines different learning paths with each other: theoretical sections alternate with practical exercises.

The central component of training courses is the concrete application of skills, knowledge and competences. This enables participants to try out alternative behaviors, experience their own effects and observe the behaviour of other participants - and thus learn from different sources. Through this learning in dialogue and the concrete application, the transfer of the newly acquired knowledge into practice is also ensured.

The high quality standard of our training courses is guaranteed by the cooperation with the Berlin company "Trainingsfabrik". Further information about the training factory can be found at www.trainingsfabrik.de.

Use the know-how of TEAMFABRIK events. and training factory in the development and implementation of health-related team trainings in order to achieve sustainable benefits in your company from the financially supported health promotion. For interested companies we are happy to put together an individual training offer. Please ask for more information directly via our contact page.

We look forward to working with you.

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