Roadbook tour with 120 persons

Our specialists have organized a company event for 120 employees of one of Europe's leading system providers in the field of renewable energies. The aim was for employees from two internal departments to get to know each other through a joint team event. They were given a task that could only be solved through teamwork.

Joint briefing at the Neptun Hotel in Rostock / Warnemünde.

Equipped with GPS devices and the roadbook, the teams start off with Mercedes-Benz Vito vehicles towards the Mecklenburg Lake District. The task is to find all the keys for a mysterious chest. On the way countless challenges await: the teams prove their accuracy in archery and their patience in our event module soap box construction and challenge.

The Trabant to Waren/Müritz continues in true style. There, the doors of the Müritzeum Adventure Center open exclusively for all participants. At the buffet the experiences are summed up while the most beautiful photos of the day shine from the walls. In the evening all guests will be chauffeured back to their hotel.

The search for the keys continues.

After breakfast the tasks for the day are announced. A team searches with licence-free motorboats on the water for missing puzzle pieces. The other team dares to venture into a high ropes course at a height of up to 10 metres. But the way to the goal is often more difficult, than it seems...

After the eventful search action it goes to the dinner directly to the shore of the Müritz in the castle Klink. Now the secret of the chest can be revealed.
The teams and the winners of the individual disciplines (Paintball Competition Shooting/ RC-Car Course/ Creative Shipbuilding and Highland Games) are awarded.

A fire show provides entertainment and the live band can be danced into the morning hours...









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