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We are convinced that training and further education are the most important instruments for every individual and every company to survive and progress. This is the reason for our motivation to support others as trainers in developing themselves further and to educate us continuously.

Our training program ranges from the development of personal skills - e. g. In the areas of communication, stress management and conflict management - up to team building and management methods. All of the listed topics have in common that new knowledge is learned within the framework of a so-called training.

This very effective method combines different learning paths with each other: theoretical sections alternate with practical exercises. The central component of training courses is the concrete application of skills, knowledge and competences.

This enables participants to try out alternative behaviors, experience their own effects and observe the behaviour of other participants - and thus learn from different sources. Through this learning in dialogue and the concrete application, the transfer of the newly acquired knowledge into practice is also ensured.

The aim of a training course is to impart new knowledge and, above all, to develop new behavioural patterns. As trainers, we support the participants as consultants, supervisors, feedback givers or moderators.

The trainings of TEAMFABRIK events. are based on many years of experience in the event sector and are module-based: a training course is built around the core of an extraordinary activity and is therefore not only technically sound but also exciting for the participants.

The high quality standard of our training courses is guaranteed by the cooperation with various trainers and coaches. We provide you with comprehensive advice on request and have good experience with supplementary short-term coaching, especially in the area of executive development.

For interested groups or companies we would be happy to put together an individual offer. Please ask for more information directly via our contact page.

We look forward to working with you.

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