Several small groups try to get a rubber chicken through a predefined course with as few strokes as possible. The teams start one after the other at the same starting point and have to overcome several obstacles. Each team receives a chicken. Each participant has a stick. The game is always played in teams of 4-5 persons each. 

For the organization of the Parcours are suitable among other things:

- Rubber chicken distance throwing - Determine the longestdistance.

- Skill parcours - The team pockets.

- Catch the rubber chicken - You catch the chicken at full flight.

For the evaluation of the strokes the following applies: Every touch of the lying chicken counts as a stroke. An extension of the volley (the chicken is further beaten in the air) does not count as an extra stroke and can be repeated at any time and as often as desired. The rubber chicken weighs 172 grams and is 54 cm long. The centre of gravity is ideally balanced and is located in the middle of the lower wing base.

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