The HIGHLAND GAMES are traditional events with sporting competitions. These were originally part of the meetings (gatherings) of Scottish clans in the Scottish Highlands. They are still at home there today, but can also be found anywhere in the world where Scots have settled. The HIGHLAND GAMES are accompanied by traditional music, especially bagpipe playing. 

At the beginning of the event the participants are grouped. Then the teams receive the traditional kilts and name their clan. The clan coat of arms is thought up and the clan board is designed. The event HIGHLAND GAMES by TEAMFABRIK events. focuses on action and teamwork. Individual modules require more effort, but the majority of the disciplines can be mastered by the team. 

The disciplines of the HIGHLAND GAMES by TEAMFABRIK events. are: Tree trunk slalom, double axe throwing, bagging, tree trunk throwing, weight throwing, rope pulling, barrel rolls, straw bag throwing.

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  • Conception and organisation of your company event
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  • On-site support by our guides
  • Award ceremony and TEAMFABRIK events. certificates
  • Photo documentation of your company event
  • Integration of your corporate design in all printed materials
  • Location scouting
  • Optional: Evaluation of the team event by a professional trainer
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  • Optional: Video documentation of your team event

Additional information:

  • This event is also available in English, French and Spanish on request
  • We are happy to plan a bad weather variant for your team event

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