Taijiquan or Tai-Chi Chuan was originally developed as a martial art suitable for self-defense. The martial art was developed in the Empire of China and performed there by millions of people as a folk sport. In Chinese shadow boxing, as Tai Chi is also called, fast, slow and soft movements flow into each other. Tai Chi promotes personality development and serves relaxation and meditation. 

The participants receive an introduction to the practice of Tai Chi from our experienced trainers. Our Tai Chi workshops are also an important part of our corporate health promotion

A Tai Chi training unit is also suitable as a short, relaxing workout between the conference phases or as a module for a team event.

Our services for you:

  • Conception and organisation of your company event
  • Provision of all materials for the module
  • On-site support by our guides
  • Award ceremony and TEAMFABRIK events. certificates
  • Photo documentation of your company event
  • Integration of your corporate design in all printed materials
  • Location scouting
  • Optional: Evaluation of the team event by a professional trainer
  • Optional: Prices for your award ceremony
  • Optional: Video documentation of your team event

Additional information:

  • This event is also available in English, French and Spanish on request
  • We are happy to plan a bad weather variant for your team event

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